Jan 30, 2018TAIL OF 20 CITIES

LA LA land is my city. This is my cat. We took our new kitten on a joy ride around Los Angeles. He is a rag doll and tends to have a pretty mellow demeanor.  
I’m participating in Rover.com’s Tail of 20 Cities, celebrating my amazing (and oh-so-photogenic) fluff ball (also known as Purple) and unique city along with 19 other photographers from around the world. Check out all of the photographs here: https://www.rover.com/blog/tail-of-20-cities and feel free to join the fun by posting your own pic of your pet repping your city with the hashtag #RoverCities!

Dec 17, 2017Chris + Cody

Oct 16, 2017anya + ross

Sep 06, 2017jessica + michael

we are so excited to share that we’re in click magazine! (5 whole pages!) thanks so much to cameron, lorna and the rest of the team. we are so honored to be featured! x OLOL

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