Kendrick & David

Meet Kendrick and David. Two members of the happy Our Labor of Love Family. These two have a photo background in newspapers and started to become secretly smitten with each other at their college paper. Two years later and one 9 hour drive to see her, David fussed up. After countless 9 hour drives back and forth, the two got closer and decided to combine their photographic powers and shoot your very special day together. 

So don’t be alarmed if you glance across the dance floor whist doing the Electric slide at your wedding and you David balanced atop a speaker and a window sill to get the perfect arial shot. Don’t be alarmed if you haven’t spotted Kendrick since the cake cutting, she is a fly on the wall, quietly catching moments between you and your special someone. When the two aren’t practicing their balancing and invisible acts along with their love for photography, David is playing with his dog Highland at the dog park and Kendrick is practicing her vocal rendition of Journeys Don’t Stop Believin’. 
David and Kendrick’s clients include TIME Magazine, FADER, Tiffany, The New York Times, Vitamin Water and more! 
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