Julia lives in New York City now, but she’s been on a whirlwind adventure to get there her entire life. She was born in Paris, raised in the French Alps, and lived in 10 different cities around the globe before settling down in the Big Peach. So, naturally, meeting new people and discovering new places are some of her favorite things in life.  

Her personal experience throughout the world (not to mention a degree in International Relations) has shown her that no two people are alike—and that’s what makes Julia thrive. Especially since her photographic expertise lies in capturing the idiosyncratic details of a couple’s big day. Of course she can take the conventional wedding shots, but what she really searches for are the distinctive, delicate moments that highlight each couple’s unique relationship—a strand of hair in the wind, hands overlapping, or maybe the way a bride’s eyes can light up just before she laughs.  
When she’s not on the job, Julia loves riding bikes with her husband, running through lavender fields and fantasizing about an indulgent teatime with Vogue icon (and Julia’s dream partner in crime) Grace Coddington. “I’m pretty sure our black tea would be spiked with whiskey,” she says. 
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