Jul 27, 2009kaitlyn, sam and jonah {the free wedding}

This entire expedition was completely magical for us! from joining together with this entire group to watching kaitlyn and sam share vows 3,000 miles from their hometown. Somehow these incredible 16 vendors of atlanta pulled together one aesthetic that seemed to match this lovely couple. i have to say…i think this was a dreamteam. sounds a little corny but i mean it. everyone really put thier heart and soul into this production to make it what it was. i don’t want to be redundant to all of the details listed on once wed so go there now to read all about it (she always cover the weddings way better than i could…i’ll stick to the visuals) .  
more than ever i really appreciate everyone in our company. i feel really blessed every day to work with such great folks. to see more from this wedding please go over to heidi’s blog, kendrick and david’s blog, matt’s blog, amber’s blog, craig’s blog and shelli’s blog.