May 11, 2009Jacqui + Lachlan

Sometimes i take a break from my day and write a little what-i-am-thankful-for list and this past month jacqui and lachlan were on the top of my list. they are the kind of people that shine the light and no matter what kind of day you are having, they will rub right off on you. so needless to say…the whole wedding went like this. completely filled with light and love. we already felt like old friends when the wedding begun. our first meeting with them was over tacos and beers. it was instant love. then we met for their engagement shoot about 11 days before the wedding and it seemed like we were all a little frazzled between rush hour traffic, wedding plans and the wedding season that was ahead of us (jacqui is the social sales manager at king plow so how she found time to plan her own wedding amongst everyones else’s is beyond me). it took about 5 minutes before we all found ourselves rolling in green grass, breaking through fences and laughing our tails off! 
And to top it all off…this was “out-of-the-box” and “into-amazing” wedding for king plow. steve, michelle, susan blew minds with their interiors. Tulips hung upside down from a moss base that reflected into the mirrors of the table tops. hanging cakes. rooms filled with umbrellas. floor to ceiling tapestries. it was insane. and so was the smilebooth.

The whole OLOL team showed up at different points of this wedding. matt miller stuck with us the whole time and helped out with the smilebooth and details, heidi showed up for a couple hours to grab some details while whitney and i shot the ceremony and david and kendrick popped in for some creative portraits (one being the shot above). thank you for being as great as you all are! 
Congrats, Jacqui and Lachlan! 
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