Sep 05, 2008Sarah + Richard

Oh Sarah and Richard- thanks for being so awesome! this wedding, in Staverton, England, ended up being way more than what we could have possibly asked for! From the very start at my new favorite place in the world to the brilliant wedding and every little english accent it entailed. since we had been there for a few days we got to know everyone sarah and richard love…so when it came time to take the photos they all became very personal and sentimental (aka- the good kind). sarah and richard had whitney and i laughing nearly the entire time- between go cart racing, to well, english humor in general, to getting chased by alpacas, to fitting everything in a very tiny car, to decorating a get-away-car the night before (some advice- not a good idea because it may rain), to standing on a case of molsen ice, to an unexpected “traditional” ceremony, to Andy, to pockets being the most important part of a bridal gown, to running around in wellies…the list can keep going but i don’t want to bore or make jealous those who weren’t there! 
thank you, all, for each and every laugh! 
up first the yellow shoes!

stunning sarah

richard…what’s the story on this ring? i remember it being very cool…

on the way to church

if you’re happy and you know it…do a dance!  
she’s happy!

bride crossing

hats were part of the attire

technically, we were allowed to take this photo. whitney and i were surprised when the vicar told us we were not permitted to take any photos of the ceremony. period. whitney didn’t take that too well, so he had to explain that we came allllllllll the way from atlanta, georgia in the U. S of A. . the vicar was very kind to let us take photos of anything that was not considered “traditional”. who would have thought that the kiss is not traditional! well good thing it wasn’t! 

the wedded couple

we headed to this public property that happened to have donkeys, horses and alpacas grazing on it.

sometimes when i am taking photos i get in this mode where i forget i am a vulnerable, delicate human. i will climb trees, lie down in roads- whatever…its all about the photo. well this turned into one of those moments. i was trying so hard to get the perfect black and white alpacas to stand near sarah and richard. at one moment i got too close to them and they darted toward me. whitney got a photo of it. my feet were not touching the ground and the alpacas were coming at me! way too embarrassing to show because in reality i think they are harmless..right?

yeah…that’s close enough.

a favorite…as richard said “my mini bride”

this one is for sarah’s dad!

the walls and textures were beautiful!

everybody this is andy. andy this is everybody.

the happy couple!