Jun 25, 2008Ashley + Matt

Ashley and Matt are an amazing unit! This whole wedding was very special and you could tell by every little detail. We already knew how photogenic and sweet ashley and matt were after the engagement shoot. And then it got even more exciting when Ashley called and said she had a cast on her leg (well, i guess more of an inconvenience to her but we thought she would be a cute bride). it was a good luck kind of thing. they said they researched “brides with casts” and hardly anything came up. So to say the least… this was a very unique wedding. 
below is a sticker from the gift box they made for each guest.

Gloriosa did a great job!

every little detail was thought of so it was appropriate to lay it out.

the dresses

into “the” shoe…

the grandmother’s rings…

the meeting…

ashley was carried down on a chase lounge.

the ceremony was a little emotional

we couldn’t go to far with a cast so we used the lounge to the max!

we had such a good time that we thought we would join them to the after party. i was so tired that i dropped my camera but matt, our wonderful assistant, grabbed his camera. this was a fun shot of everyone on the way up in the elevator!