Dec 22, 2008Sara + David

What a glow these two have! Sara… you have the best smile! i love all of the laughter in these photos. 
thank you for such a wonderful engagement shoot…we can’t wait for the wedding! 

what a flippin’ cute couple…shana and rob are! 
we hadn’t officially meet prior to the engagement shoot but after talking with them on the phone, speaking with her sweet dad and having the fabulous shoot- we are really looking forward to the wedding. to top it off they are so sweet. they brought with them a NYC wooden block set of the skyline for gracyn’s birthday. super cute. 
of coarse it couldn’t all be perfect. when we showed up to the site to shoot (an old abandoned warehouse) all was going well until whitney came around the corner with a white face. he happened to discover a very large guard dog near our car as he ran back to get equipment. luckily he never saw us. but a wild turkey did and started chasing us. what?!? i never been chased by a wild turkey. i didn’t even know they did that. 
later we found out the dog was harmless and old but it definitely took whitney a day or two to get over it! 

thats right, Rob! i love it!

Sep 16, 2008sharon+raymond

We have been very delinquent and unable to get a bunch of our engagement shoots on the blog. but since this shoot took place on whitney’s and my old stomping ground (venice beach) we thought we should post at least a few… we miss thee. oh sharon and ray…we thank you for such a fun shoot!

May 21, 2008for jill…

working away but very eager to get jill and jared’s engagement shoot up. i am just about ready but need a couple more hours so here is one to start with…off to bed : ) 
PS-it was great bumping into you two the other night! 
PSS- this engagement shoot was amazing!

As we say in the south, this shoot was like “shooting fish in a barrel”. I don’t think i would like shooting fish in a barrel nor do i think it would be easy BUT i do know that this shoot was full of love. We had to get these photos edited quickly because they are going to use an image for the cover of record they are making as their invitation. I know, i know- very cool. I’ll post the invite once they send me one!

the colors of the wedding are yellow, black and white… so they dressed accordingly.

Jump for Joy- We LOVE each other!

on the shoot, we headed to Reynolds town which is where they live.

and ordered some “tall boys”.

i LOVE this one:

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