May 27, 2013christina + josh

priyanka and chris, thank you for being so fun and free spirited. we love this shoot.  
they asked us to meet them at their favorite coffee shop in brooklyn, five leaves which was already a favorite stop for us. good coffee, good food and good company. we wondered around brooklyn aimlessly and enjoying every minute.

Sep 07, 2009stephanie and mike

this is one exceptional couple with an exceptional dog, sake bomb. i am always up for a shoot with a pet being that i am such an animal lover but i had no idea that i would fall in love with this one. i was trying to figure out where i could find another s.b. but there is no other. he is a one of a kind with great parents who treat him like a human. and i guess even grandparents that spoil him. stephanie works with the eventologie group, a group we love, so we were really looking forward photographing the two of them. 
without further ado (can’t wait for the wedding)…. 

Yeah. it’s true. these two are super cute. I love that Jenny showed up with a bike she bought when she was younger. by the end of the shoot these two probably felt like they went through a mini boot camp with all of the riding they did…but hey…it was worth it. i have way too many photos to love from this shoot but i am keeping it simple with this series! 

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