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We’ve got that warm & fuzzy feeling today. After being in this industry for so long (and having over 400 weddings under our belt) it feels oh-so-good to still be relevant and have our opinion valued and appreciated. The lovely editors at B&H; asked us what trends we could expect this wedding season – see a few of our excerpts below and check out the full roundup here: 

“Jesse Chamberlin, of “Our Labor of Love,” mentioned negative space as a still-trending style in wedding shooting, and a quick trip through Google will provide enough evidence to back this up. Many couples apparently do lean up against giant brick walls before they say I do. This style certainly shares aspects with the above-mentioned trend, but does not necessarily have to be out-of-doors; it is an aesthetic choice where the couple is placed perfectly within a larger context, or clinging artistically to the side of a frame. In the hands of a good shooter, this works, but be sure that what is between and around the couple does not distract from them or offer some perceived rift in the blooming love.” 

“Film is making a comeback,” posits Los Angeles-based wedding photographer Whitney Chamberlin, who follows up quickly with, “If only someone could grab a hold of an easy 35mm way to shoot, I think a lot more people would offer it.” What is at the heart of this dilemma is that shooting film is expensive and processing takes more time than the pro wedding shooter (or client) may be willing to spend. To veterans, this may be old news and to the experienced, shooting film is still norm, but to those who entered the business within the past ten years, digital may be all they know and film may seem risky. Many shooters will expose one roll of film mixed in with their digital work to offer as a marketing tool or an extra, and some very sophisticated clients may want their wedding photographed entirely with film.” 

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