We sincerely hope you’re looking at our website because you’re interested in unique photographs that capture real beauty rather than manufactured robo-photos that pasteurize originality. Don’t get us wrong, we can do both — but if an occasion is special enough to make you want to save it forever, why risk losing it with phony poses and staged scenery?  
We think you, your family celebrations, your friends and your true loves are beautiful, and any images that represent thesemilestones should illustrate the pure joy in these moments. In fact, the wife part of this husband-and-wife team will no doubt disarm you with her gentleness and charm while the husband part loosens you up with his cynical witticisms so that before you know it, you’ve got a miasma of artful photographs so achingly beautiful it will make your heart break like an egg. In fact, that is our hope here at Our Labor of Love Photography, to break open everyone’s heart, because a closed heart is not photogenic.  

But if you like the other kind of photographs, with the stilted posturing and the portraits where the subject looks as authentic as a big breast implant, we can do that, too, I guess. We’re incredibly agreeable, but we’ll probably try to talk you into loosening up. 
Feel free to call or email us us direct. 404.827.9621 … Side note we live in Atlanta most of the time… sometimes we go to Martha’s vineyard in August and September to cool off. The rest of the year we split between California and Atlanta. What I’m getting at here is, we are not afraid to travel the world so don’t be afraid to ask. 
I have the best job in the world. Really, truly, the best job ever. I had no way of knowing that weddings would be such a prefect fit with my personality! I’m kind of like a mini wedding rolled up. I like dancing, love my family, and could laugh and cry within a five minute time span.

Besides photography, I have a huge interest in 80s hair metal karaoke, 90s dance music, soft serve ice cream and glitter. 
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Well hello there, I’m Matt. I have spent the last 7 years traveling the world in my punk rock band and eating vegan sandwiches from sao paulo, brazil to capetown, south africa all the way to melbourne, austrailia. I have recently settled into my new home in atlanta with my wife danielle and our 2 midget pitbulls trainwreck and justice.  

A few years ago Jess and Whit took me under their wing and transformed me into a wedding photographer machine. If you would have asked me years ago if I would be shooting a wedding, I would have probably laughed it off, but they have shown me the true beauty of capturing the emotion and love of such a day. There is just something that draws me to documenting it now. From the nervous laughter before the ceremony, to tearing up during the reciting of the vows, all the way to me joining in the cupid shuffle with camera in hand. All of it reminds me of why I chose to pick up a camera in the first place. I have a terrible memory and sometimes al I have to recall a moment in my life is seeing a photograph. That’s why I do what I do. I want to make you look back on your wedding and be insanely stoked that you chose to have those moments saved the we do it. 
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Meet Kendrick and David. Two members of the happy Our Labor of Love Family. These two have a photo background in newspapers and started to become secretly smitten with each other at their college paper. Two years later and one 9 hour drive to see her, David fussed up. After countless 9 hour drives back and forth, the two got closer and decided to combine their photographic powers and shoot your very special day together. 

So don’t be alarmed if you glance across the dance floor whist doing the Electric slide at your wedding and you David balanced atop a speaker and a window sill to get the perfect arial shot. Don’t be alarmed if you haven’t spotted Kendrick since the cake cutting, she is a fly on the wall, quietly catching moments between you and your special someone. When the two aren’t practicing their balancing and invisible acts along with their love for photography, David is playing with his dog Highland at the dog park and Kendrick is practicing her vocal rendition of Journeys Don’t Stop Believin’. 
David and Kendrick’s clients include TIME Magazine, FADER, Tiffany, The New York Times, Vitamin Water and more! 
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Julia lives in New York City now, but she’s been on a whirlwind adventure to get there her entire life. She was born in Paris, raised in the French Alps, and lived in 10 different cities around the globe before settling down in the Big Peach. So, naturally, meeting new people and discovering new places are some of her favorite things in life.  

Her personal experience throughout the world (not to mention a degree in International Relations) has shown her that no two people are alike—and that’s what makes Julia thrive. Especially since her photographic expertise lies in capturing the idiosyncratic details of a couple’s big day. Of course she can take the conventional wedding shots, but what she really searches for are the distinctive, delicate moments that highlight each couple’s unique relationship—a strand of hair in the wind, hands overlapping, or maybe the way a bride’s eyes can light up just before she laughs.  
When she’s not on the job, Julia loves riding bikes with her husband, running through lavender fields and fantasizing about an indulgent teatime with Vogue icon (and Julia’s dream partner in crime) Grace Coddington. “I’m pretty sure our black tea would be spiked with whiskey,” she says. 
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