Jan 14, 2013  Stephanie@Geezees
Such great shots!! Love that the animals were included too 🙂
Jan 10, 2013  joanna goddard
love these so much! you guys are the best. and it was such a treat (and tease!) to see you for a second in palm springs, whit! wish we’d all had longer to hang out.
Jan 08, 2013  Andrew
Love this! So bummed I was out of town that day! Please do it again this year, I will be there, no joke.
Jan 07, 2013  Amanda Hitchins
These are straight out of a magazine! I love the clean looks.. both the seamless white and the grey.
Jan 07, 2013  sarah sherman samuel
Thanks for the great photos and for helping to wrangle in our dogs. Our holiday card was a hit with the fam. 🙂 Was lovely meeting you guys!