Sep 14, 2012  Annie
woooooooooow!! I love your work! 🙂
Aug 01, 2012  gift
There are many principles to which I was committed during my 20-year marriage to a man who was a verbal and emotional abuser. Perhaps above all others, the 13th chapter of I Corinthians, "the love chapter," became the bedrock of my moral conviction that my marriage would and could be saved, grounded in the core premise that "love never fails html
Jul 31, 2012  Adele
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Jun 28, 2012  Mercedes
I want a tree just like that. Obviously, it brings on tons of smiles that make for fun pictures. Super fun!
Jun 23, 2012  Agnes
I really really love these!
Jun 20, 2012  Nathan Walker
so candid! love your work 🙂