Jul 29, 2011  san diego baby photographer
really love the one below the pabst pic…and the one below that too! i love finding "studios" in the most random places..
Jul 05, 2011  tscufwryll
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Feb 09, 2009  Cloud
i loved the theme….colors and vintage look. where is this?
Mar 28, 2008  monkeigh 5000
A) estoria is in cabbagetown B) these pics totally made me cry!!! no lie, so pretty
Mar 17, 2008  Aunt Dianne a/k/a Aunt Fluffy
Such precious pictures full of love for one another! I really felt good viewing them. A very exciting and special time for all and we love you both!!
Mar 15, 2008  Matt
Reynoldstown? We represent Cabbagetown and none other! What’s left of it at least.
Feb 04, 2008  michael
Brilliant photography!!!
Feb 03, 2008  Dad Salge
Beautfil pix, guys. Can’t wait for the big day!
Feb 02, 2008  Jesse the blogger
We didn’t do it so maybe it was Bill Gates?!?
Feb 02, 2008  Ashley Ann
Bill Gates? Is that you Whitney? 🙂
Feb 01, 2008  bill gates : )
hoooooooooray for lovebirds
Feb 01, 2008  Courtney
Gorgeous pics. Congratulations — you look so happy!
Feb 01, 2008  TeMika
I love those pictures and I think ya’ll look so cute! They really capture your personalities too! Lovely!
Feb 01, 2008  cousin Brent
Yes, the "Jump for Joy" shot was inspired! You guys ROCK! 🙂
Feb 01, 2008  Uncle Jack and Aunt Valerie
We agree! The jump for joy shot is GREAT!
Jan 31, 2008  Steve
Like I told Shawn last night, rooftop jumping for joy shot is my fav. Great shots all around.
Jan 31, 2008  Cousin Lexy
This looks like a magazine layout. My boys and I love the jumpin for joy shot!! Many congrats!
Jan 31, 2008  elizabeth
Jan 31, 2008  Aunt Chris and Uncle Tom
Loved the jumping for joy shot! Their happiness is so evident; can’t wait to see them at the wedding!
Jan 31, 2008  JuJu
Absolutely wonderful! Talk about sparks flying………love is in the air:) Can’t wait to see the rest.
Jan 30, 2008  Dada
Love the pix, guys. Can’t wait for the big day, the photo booth, etc.
Jan 30, 2008  Derek & G
We love the jump for joy! You too are too cute in all the pics. Great idea. See ya soon…..
Jan 30, 2008  Leanna
I think it’s safe to say that I have the most beautiful brother/sister-in-law combo in all of Georgia! The pictures are amazing!
Jan 30, 2008  Cassie
I love these pictures…you guys look so great!! Can’t wait to see the final result on the invitation.
Jan 30, 2008  Teresa
Love the first pix most. The locations are great and it looks like you had fun. I hear wedding bells.. love you both! Bama Mom
Jan 30, 2008  Matt
You guys are rad! My fiancee – ain’t she photogenic?!
Jan 30, 2008  Ashley Ann
We are too cute. 🙂 Modest much, Ashley? We are looking forward to spending more time with you guys at the wedding. You did an amazing job, of course!
Jan 29, 2008  Kelly Byrom
oh krog tunnel i love you. its also good to see the evil kneival tribute has been put back up, it was knocked down for a few days. i cant wait to see the inivite…as usual you guys rock and these are really rad