Sep 19, 2011  Chelsea Patricia
Jul 30, 2011  happy hearts | baby photography
haha that series rules! as do the other 2…
Jul 08, 2011  mariam
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Jun 20, 2011  miranda
so neat-o! i love her blog!!
Jun 20, 2011  anda
LOVE!!!! Cup of Jo is the blog I’ve been reading the longest — for years and years now! How exciting to see this sweet family photographed by you guys. xo.
Jun 20, 2011  lesley graham
these are adorable! love the little collage at the bottom. makes me really happy.
Jun 20, 2011  zahra
hiiiiiiiiiiiii. i am iranian girl. and find you in google. your blog is very good.
Jun 19, 2011  Rachel Tatem
Such cute family shots!
Jun 19, 2011  jennifer nichols
Such precious, playful images!
Jun 19, 2011  joanna goddard
YAY!!! we are so in love with you guys!!!