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Absolutely these images are so gorgeous. Really awesome photos
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Such a stunning couple… Lovely photographs!
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Happy couple romantic photos and their exposure just amazing .
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Jun 21, 2012  Jewel
Congratulations!!!…Priyanka & Chris on your engagement. You’re one step closer to becoming one flesh; according to God’s Word at Genesis 2:24…"And they must become one flesh." How exciting!!!…I’ve been happily married for many years; it’s a beautiful thing. Much happiness to you, now, and in the near future.
Sep 19, 2011  Chelsea Patricia
Aug 05, 2011  azhar rizvi
hi, the couple look so much in love.. the photographer has made them look more elegant. Good job.
Jul 08, 2011  Tvs Photo
Great collection!
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The shots are awesome. The bride’s dress is so cute which looks great with her hat..
Jul 05, 2011  Ju Campana
Lindo !!!! amei ! 🙂
Jul 03, 2011  ann @ wedding favors
Every angle of the pictures show how much you wanted to be with each other..A happy couple indeed!
Jun 29, 2011  ashley
i love these…so much
Jun 27, 2011  brooke schwab
these are oh so pretty! hope to see you guys soon. xoxoxox
Jun 27, 2011  Edwina@FASHION+ART
Really cool images. They must be very satisfied that they selected you to shoot them.
Jun 25, 2011  max
Jun 24, 2011  celeste
tres chic, love the skyline shots and the edginess of the color. Beautiful couple, thanks for sharing!
Jun 24, 2011  Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie
These photos are too precious! xo www.PlumPrettySugar.blogspot.com
Jun 24, 2011  Jenn
Stunning! The flare shots look like they came straight out of a dream.
Jun 24, 2011  Dan
Awesome 🙂 I have to ask about the crazy sparkle flare too… Photoshop or something on your lens?
Jun 24, 2011  Rachel Tatem
This session and a few others I have seen of yours have this retro, earthy feel to them: when did you and why did you determine to do it? Looks great by the way. Without knowing the couple at all but seeing their attitudes in the shots it fits perfectly, at least to me ;P
Jun 24, 2011  martin
summer feeling, fine emotions, amazing feeling.
Jun 24, 2011  Kendrick
gorgeous and creative! what’s the magical flare being caused by?
Jun 24, 2011  anda
gosh i am in love with these. and i love how you’re always stepping it up. always. so inspiring — thank you!!