Oct 27, 2011  travis
You guys are the best. Both of you. Incredible people. You guys inspire me in all aspects. 😀 and happy fathers day to Whitney. -love trav
Oct 24, 2011  joanna goddard
Jul 10, 2011  kate bayley
yoyoyo gorgeous family. I miss you guys and there is a new GUY! hey are you close to the 206 after Vancouver! we wanna see you. x kate b
Jun 22, 2011  Heidi
daymon = amaze balls.
Jun 20, 2011  ginger
Hmm. I went to that guys website, all of his images are pretty. but none of them are like what was captured here. happiness and arty. bright shiny
Jun 20, 2011  chris
who took these? wow. what talent
Jun 20, 2011  charla
Wow wow wee wow. My favorite family in the world.
Jun 20, 2011  monkeigh3000
Jun 20, 2011  lesley graham
dying over your family photo!
Jun 19, 2011  Rachel Tatem
That second shot is amazing!
Jun 19, 2011  Rog
rog was here. happy fathers day love these photos love you guys