Jun 15, 2011  m
wooooooooooow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow
Jun 01, 2011  Rog
c.o.n.g.r.a.t.s. my friends. You have been top ten for as long as I’ve known you. You’re also top ten nicest couple ever. Top ten coolest couple. Top ten likely to succeed. Top ten with two boys. Top ten to talk to on the phone. Top ten to follow my tumblr (Jesse only, not really Whit). Top ten dance party holders. Pretty much top ten people on earth. Love you guys. Stay top ten-ish -Rog
May 31, 2011  Brisbane wedding photographer | David Ferguson
Brisbane is a tough town hey? Congratulations you are obviously in esteemed company and deserve it.
May 30, 2011  Ann Blue Mountains Photographer
Congratulations! Your work is bright, unique with a sense of love and fun. Well done.
May 28, 2011  Red Rhyder
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May 28, 2011  aly
well, duh. you guys are the BEST!
May 27, 2011  Rachel Tatem
Cheers to your sweet success!
May 26, 2011  kristen marie
congratulations, i agree!
May 26, 2011  Christina @ chillweddings
Woot woot! Because you guys really rock! Honored to have worked with y guys. 🙂 congrats!
May 25, 2011  Gmat1984
Awesome posting. Really nice writing. As always ur posts are very helpful.
May 25, 2011  Abhi
Oh! I found one good blog after a long time. Nice one.
May 24, 2011  Emil
Congrats!! So well deserved!
May 24, 2011  Jonny + Michelle Hoffner
Totally deserved. Congrats you two!
May 21, 2011  joeysproject
congrats guys!!! ur labor of love spread all over america and d world. 🙂
May 19, 2011  bora
congrats!!! well deserved! but… how about Rocco Ancora? is he 11th? no! he is among the 10! but me ra koh has nothing to do with the top 10!!!
May 19, 2011  joanna
so deserved. yay jesse & whitney!!
May 19, 2011  Heather McConnell
My photography teacher showed this article in class and I knew you all would be in there! Your style and charisma are unparalleled. Congrats and well deserved!
May 19, 2011  imthiaz houseman
congratulations, its well deserved!
May 19, 2011  kathleen
Congratulations!! Y’all are beyond brilliant. How could they choose anyone else?
May 19, 2011  matt miller
you guys are #1 in my book!!!
May 19, 2011  Betty
those of us who love your blog have known that you guys were the best for sometime now… congrats. i would so work for free during the summer if i lived in atl… i’m just saying that’s how awesome you guys are!!!!
May 19, 2011  sooji
congratulations guys! 🙂 i honestly think it was about freaking time! 😉 i feel so proud! haha
May 19, 2011  Another Wedding Photographer
Well done. I’ve been studying a few guys. Parker & Jonas now I’m coming to browse around your site and bookmark since finding you via them…