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Jul 28, 2011  prestina
Wow I am looking for a photographer for our wedding in april2012 , we are both in the military ive been for 12 yrs shes in iraq so when she returns.
Apr 24, 2011  sergio v mottola
this is so ballin’
Mar 28, 2011  Michelle
um… i LOVE this. like FREAKING love this. Not only was the wedding modern and chic but the images ROCK.
Mar 22, 2011  alison
I don’t think a day goes by that we don’t look at/talk about our photos. We are literally smitten with them. We love you guys and can’t wait until we have an excuse to work with you again.
Mar 22, 2011  Lisa Woods
I adore. The end.
Mar 18, 2011  Vancouver wedding photographer Tamea Burd
What a glorious bunch of wedding images! Such vibrant emotion and what a wonderful looking wedding. Especially love the roof-top shots.
Mar 11, 2011  Paul Krol
very cool set of images!
Mar 10, 2011  Designitgirl/Nicole
Love the wedding, love cake topper so cute. I have found my soulmate she is the best! We plan on getting married next yr! We will keep you posted….we have a special theme ( can’t tell anyone yet!) follow me at designitgirl so I can keep you posted. Oh! By the way road trip to NYC this very second! Keep up the great wrk n sharing it’s inspiring. <3
Mar 10, 2011  Johanne
You have the most inspirational blog ever. Your photos blows me away and the way you work your cameras are so breaking with boring traditions on how wedding photos should look like. As a makeup artist for over 10 years I´ve seen so many uninteresting weeding photos. But yours has that twist and edge that inspires me deeply. So I decided on buying a camera and make wedding photos a little more fun here in Denmark. I linkedloved to your blog from my make up blog and I hope its okay. Love your work. Sincerly Johanne
Mar 07, 2011  Mel
open yourself to the possibilities of finding true love and love will come to you.
Mar 06, 2011  brenda
i love these! so beautiful! especially that first one of the bride looking in the pretty framed mirror!
Mar 03, 2011  jessica lorren
First time seeing your work and wowzers, that last shot floored me because of the perfect heart formed by her hair and the back of her shirt. That double-hug shot is pretty sweet too! Nice work.
Mar 01, 2011  Christian Cruz
Beautiful photos. Beautiful wedding. Beautiful couple. Beautiful city. Love everything about this post!
Feb 28, 2011  megan
fantastic wedding. love it! beautiful shots.
Feb 27, 2011  Jennifer Lourie
I love love love love love this!!!!!
Feb 26, 2011  matt miller
this is so clean….. and that rooftop view is just amazing. kudos!!!