Dec 17, 2009  Leslie
pink is the new white!!! its about time :o)
Nov 17, 2009  lauren + chad
I agree…YUMMY!!!!
Nov 17, 2009  Lara
I’m digging the airhorn sentiment. Right on! Your work always deserves a loud party! So excited to have this wedding in our pages. Much love and big hugs. xo
Nov 17, 2009  Kristen
Nov 17, 2009  Emily @ Southern Weddings
Stephanie and Wil are so awesome and sweet. We had the best time putting this feature together with them, as well as with y’all, of course! Thanks so much for allowing us to share your work!
Nov 17, 2009  Melanie
so cool! congrats!
Nov 14, 2009  Brianna
Very cool spread. I love that she wore a pink dress.