Nov 03, 2009  ashley baber
I. die. for. this. wedding. Where was this? Love the edgy-yet-soft-and-sweet feel.
Oct 28, 2009  Laura
Where did this wedding take place….love the venue and the gorgeous details!! Great work.
Oct 22, 2009  evelyn
oh my!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!
Oct 19, 2009  Kara Wieler
I just LOVE that shot of her hands sticking out of her dress. Love it!
Oct 17, 2009  Suzanne
i love her dress! fabulous!
Oct 16, 2009  margaux
what a cute couple! love these!!
Oct 15, 2009  emma@barebonephoto
Amazing set of images!
Oct 14, 2009  Tracy
Wow!!! Very beautiful. Takes my breath away.
Oct 13, 2009  season of the hitch
beautiful work, as always! 🙂
Oct 12, 2009  anda
whoa man. WHOA.
Oct 12, 2009  erika
LOVE this wedding! it’s going in my "wedding file" for sure!
Oct 12, 2009  LibbyJames
love their style!
Oct 11, 2009  antoinette
WOW! i absolutely love the pink/black/grey combo. So unique, yet it feels so bridal! LOVE.
Oct 11, 2009  cristen chester
the details, the portraits, the colors, the couple, the location..all lovely, lovely, lovely! so happy for matt + love his new gallery, by the way! yay for the growing OLOL!
Oct 11, 2009  Ashley
These pictures are so yummy! I love the softness around the bride – and the candy buffet? Stunning to look at, but I bet it was even better to eat!
Oct 11, 2009  matthew morgan
what a lovely, inspirational shoot. you guys kill it. gorgeous.
Oct 10, 2009  Amanda B.
OMG! I’m speechless right now. What AMAZING pictures! This was the first wedding that I’ve been apart of and it has definitely set the bar high! It was absolutely perfect and you guys did an amazing job capturing it all! Can’t wait to see the rest of them! 🙂
Oct 10, 2009  Caroline
This makes me want a candy apple like now…Great shots and gorgeous details!
Oct 09, 2009  nancy
it kind of looks like the right macaroon is licking the left one!
Oct 09, 2009  serena grace
oh my! i love all the yummy details!
Oct 09, 2009  kathleen
gorgeous — the bride and groom, the setting, the desserts, everything! I’m so glad the blog is back, too 🙂 I’m sure you’ll be caught up in no time
Oct 09, 2009  Rod & Becky Drake
Wow!!! Amazing photos of two very amazing people…did I mention that they are our beautiful, sweet, passionate, talented son and daughter-in-law. They really pulled off the perfect wedding. They work hard, play hard and truly enjoy the gifts God has given them. What a great group of friend these two have!!!
Oct 09, 2009  Liz
I LOVE the black and white picture of Steph and Wil (the 6th from the bottom!). The BEST. So perfect and candid. lovely!
Oct 09, 2009  Ciera
These pictures give me chills!!! That wedding was sooo amazing and the pictures remind me of exactly how fun the real night was (and I know, I was Maid of Honor)!!
Oct 09, 2009  MaryCatherine Price
I loved the pics, love the style, she could rock any look.
Oct 09, 2009  Kendrick
oh my goodness. this couple is the hotness — i love her hair and dress and the vests on the guys look sweet! now pass the doughnuts…
Oct 09, 2009  matt miller
best.night.ever. this couple ruled and the whole night was nothing short of amazing!!! and those going away shots with the bubbles just made me so excited for my wedding!!
Oct 09, 2009  Heidi Ferguson
I knew these pictures would be super spectacular!!!!! I was not disappointed. This wedding was THE MOST UNIQUE EVENT I have ever been to-Our Labor of Love captured the day exactly like it was-memorable in every way!!!
Oct 09, 2009  Merissa Askren
Talk about a wedding that defines two people completely!! I don’t think there could be one bad picture from that night! Love it!
Oct 09, 2009  Lauren
HANDS DOWN the coolest wedding ever. I love the way you guys shot this! 😀
Oct 09, 2009  nikki
what a gorgeous wedding and the sweets…omg! to die for
Oct 09, 2009  Jaimi_bridalbar
this wedding is so sweet 🙂 I love all the pink of course. Very beautiful indeed.
Oct 09, 2009  Kirstin @ Weddings Unveiled
another awesome wedding from you guys! I love the sweets and her amazing pink wedding dress. what a fun couple to shoot.
Oct 09, 2009  Jenn
Wow. Simple, elegant, simply wow. Gorgeous. Love how the boy poof is licking the girl poof.
Oct 09, 2009  katie
omg. pink dress with bows and tons of sweeties…it’s a wedding dream come true!!