Jun 21, 2012  Jewel
Stephanie & Mike, Congrats!!!….Engagement is a special and exciting time; you’re one step closer to enjoying a gift from God—-marriage. Our gift to you is sharing with the two of you what made our marrige successful….The counsel at Ec 4:12 "Threefold Cord" & Eph 5:33 "Love & Respect". Reading and meditating on those words will prove to be extremely valueable presently and in your future.
Oct 17, 2009  Beth
great photos!
Sep 11, 2009  Emma
I LOVE that first image! How the heck did you get him to jump that high…Amazing!
Sep 11, 2009  oneshotbeyond
this series made me smile! 🙂
Sep 08, 2009  carl zoch
that first shot made me laugh so hard! I love the first and last the most. AWESOME!
Sep 08, 2009  matt miller
sake bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 08, 2009  rachel darley
i <3 corgies. these are so dreamy, as they always are!
Sep 07, 2009  meghan
I love her style. boots and skirts. and your pictures are amazing. I wish u lived in seattle.
Sep 07, 2009  kathleen
awesome pictures! I’m glad to know you like shooting with pets… if my cat seems up for it, I might have to bring him along for our engagement shoot 🙂 Not sure he’ll be as cooperative as sake bomb seems to have been…
Sep 07, 2009  Susan
LOVE these!
Sep 07, 2009  Kendrick Brinson
the last photo is magic