Jun 22, 2012  Omnia
This is sooooo gorge…I absolutely Loved it….Made me feel like I was there..
Mar 23, 2012  eecoxfioq
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Sep 11, 2010  Emily
Wow. Most beautiful thing ever. Is that Aaron Weiss?
Oct 22, 2009  evelyn
you already know but THIS IS AMAZING!<3 lovely wedding such beautiful colors and your work is LOVELY(:
Oct 17, 2009  Leslie
i just love the bridesmaid dresses! so much wonderful color in this wedding!
Oct 10, 2009  jane
hi i totally adore this wedding my dream party it really makes you want to get married! its so inspiring and beautiful! just wondering how you did the ceiling in the blue green and yellow paper? is that crepe paper and did you find an extra thick roll of the crepe? it would be great if you had any tips? thanks jane
Sep 21, 2009  Brandon Kidd
these photos are ridiculous! seriously.. ridiculous!! love them.. every other one starting with the first. and then start back from number 2 and love every other one.. love the diversified eclecticism .. left in awe and wonder! Brandon
Sep 07, 2009  sarah
beautiful photographs!!
Aug 21, 2009  Jeanette Leblanc
Just came across your blog through the So You’re EnGAYged website and LOVE your style. These are scrumptious!
Aug 19, 2009  lynne
hello love your photos (: love the colours especially. Pray tell what do u use to edit them? Lynne from Singapore
Aug 17, 2009  mercedeh
What a great looking wedding! I love the style of photography. Wish you guys the best!
Aug 14, 2009  photini Konnarides
Wow, these photos are amazing – the colours, the details, absolutely stunning . Looks like you had so much fun.
Aug 14, 2009  Torie jayne
Such great images x
Aug 14, 2009  kristen
ok. you can’t be serious. i am truly speechless. i found my new favorite blog.
Aug 13, 2009  Melissa
Incredible stuff! I want to be in every wedding y’all shoot.
Aug 13, 2009  ed hardy
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Aug 10, 2009  willow
Wow! These have a beautiful, dream-like quality.
Aug 09, 2009  smittengreta
oh wow. wow wow wow wow wow. yup.
Aug 08, 2009  ben potter
very cool photos. I think we have similar taste. keep it up and hope to work with you some day! Ben Potter www.canavp.com
Aug 07, 2009  Tashya
I was like omg their in atlanta, ga. They transformed it.
Aug 06, 2009  Gray Photography – Zach & Jody
Just came across your blog and wanted to say hi! Love these images and love the eye that you guys have! Too fun! Really enjoy the overall look and feel of your blog! -JG
Aug 05, 2009  christine Hall
i love your site, makes me feel all crazy and creative inside
Aug 01, 2009  amy osaba
I can’t believe all the incredible shots you continue to create. I am in awe. I love em, love em all. Mucho talented group of people.
Jul 30, 2009  DrewB
These are so fun and gorgeous! Totally love your work!
Jul 30, 2009  peggy
The bride is simply stunning! You can tell what a joyous wedding this was!
Jul 30, 2009  Sarah
Wow…truly some of the best photographs I have seen in a while! The first one is so beautiful!
Jul 28, 2009  Heidi Geldhauser
The very definition of a good time. Perfect.
Jul 28, 2009  jonathan
If I were Amish, I’d let you take my picture.
Jul 28, 2009  Sprouted Kitchen
such great photos! the details are amazing, and everyone looks to have had a great time!
Jul 28, 2009  kristin
Simply stunning—every shot!
Jul 28, 2009  chupee
Jul 28, 2009  ashley baber
What a blast! It was so fun to work along side such amazing ATL vendors. The photos are stunning!!
Jul 28, 2009  gangsta bride
wow. nicely done guys- as per usual.
Jul 28, 2009  amy
I don’t remember how I found your blog but I love it! You guys do such great work!
Jul 28, 2009  samm
wow, so lovely!
Jul 27, 2009  sara montour
WOW. All of these details together are completely magical!
Jul 27, 2009  carla ten eyck
Are you kidding me? This is fabulously shot- love the colors- love everything about this post!!
Jul 27, 2009  joy thigpen
that was a good time guys. 🙂 man, the photos look so good!
Jul 27, 2009  Kristi
Jul 27, 2009  joanna goddard
so sweet!!! i LOVE the invitations (and of course the photos!!!) xo joanna
Jul 27, 2009  katie
so gorgeous
Jul 27, 2009  Kendrick Brinson
ooooh… next time a free wedding comes around with this kind of talent, david and i will put our name in the hat. not sayin’ i’m in a rush to get married, but i sure do love that food, and those tats, and that venue, and that styling, and those flowers and…
Jul 27, 2009  ali&evan
what a dream list of vendors. looks like the best time ever.
Jul 27, 2009  matt miller
woooooooooo! this make me want to get married right freaking now!!!!!
Jul 27, 2009  Megan Case
Holy *&*$(#)#!!!!! (notice all those exclamation points). You’ve outdone yourselves. Really incredible job!!!!!
Jul 27, 2009  Tara K.
damn near perfect. wow!
Jul 27, 2009  max