May 22, 2009  cristen chester
i know that aqua wall + sparkly banner! cute stuff. i had a purple bicycle almost exactly like that one when i was younger…now i miss it!
May 14, 2009  Sanchez:
meow, meow, meow! I wish I was in the photos, too
May 14, 2009  Karen T
can’t wait to see your wedding pictures–when is it?
May 14, 2009  ellie
marvelous photos!
May 09, 2009  Janice
can’t wait to see your wedding photos…love all the blue tones in these shots…looks like you had a bit of fun, right?
May 06, 2009  georgia gayle nick
You two could be models–I love how the colors are so vivid–great choice of using cool blues..congrats!
May 04, 2009  Bros Chris***
Hey Bro…shizz—you two look tioo good to be true…how’d you do it–stunt doubles? Ha, ha, ha!
May 04, 2009  Cris
I’m from Italy I saw your pictures and I wish I would marry again and again love much those of Shana and Rob you are amazing thank you Cristina Cavallari
May 03, 2009  peggy
Wow! The blues are amazing! The blue dress, the blue bike, I love it! You know how to just bring out natural beauty and make colors pop!
May 02, 2009  Rose Maksimowski
Beautiful photos. The last is my favorite!!! They are all soooo artistic and fun. It is great to see you both enjoying life and having a blast.
May 01, 2009  JBG…
…these are unbelievable…the colors are so vibrant & they seem to jump off the screen @ you! You two are perfect together…congrats!
May 01, 2009  maita
Jenny, the photos are so cute!! I love the bike. Too cute!!!!
May 01, 2009  lindsay
I didn’t need pictures to show me how cute of a couple ya’ll are–but these are the ones to do it!
May 01, 2009  Mandy
AWESOME pictures! You are such a beautiful couple!!
May 01, 2009  Carly
Incredibly good looking kids! Their essence in totally captured in the shots. I absolutely love the pictures.
May 01, 2009  The Perfect Palette
We’re loving the colors in this shoot! I know my readers would absolutely flip over your photography!
May 01, 2009  Candice
I LOVE the color of the wall…and the bikes A LOT. Fab job guys!
May 01, 2009  Jenna
I love props! My favorite kind are the ones that the couple incorporate because they mean something. Love that last shot!
May 01, 2009  billrainier
They are really sweet. Good luck to the both of you.
Apr 30, 2009  Carol Wood
I love them all, the bike pics are especially fun!
Apr 30, 2009  joanne…
WOW…these are wonderful…what a gorgeous couple you make!
Apr 30, 2009  frank shen
what a wonder photo, I love it. like telling a story it just great.
Apr 30, 2009  Lizy Gershenzon
What beautiful pictures!! I love the colors and you two look like models!!
Apr 30, 2009  Navy Sou
OMG…so CUTE!!!! I love the ethereal post processing in your images. You guys do it right!!!
Apr 30, 2009  annie sun
I love the colors, very vibrant, and you guys look really good
Apr 30, 2009  rich
Niiiiice! I’m not even the couple and I’d hang these on my wall 🙂 Congrats, Jenny and Andrew!
Apr 30, 2009  matt
fine. you win. best photos in the world…happy now? jeeez, that blue is unreal!!!!
Apr 30, 2009  margaux
love these! SO cute!
Apr 30, 2009  david cohen
beautiful, fun and awesome. the saturation is great. i think someone used the lovey-dovey filter!
Apr 30, 2009  Jenny Sun
Thank you Jesse and Whitney! We had a great time, I’ll trek all over town to get a shot like the last one any day!
Apr 30, 2009  Leah
The last one is to die for! Gorgeous!
Apr 30, 2009  Carl Zoch
i will straight up steal that bike it’s so awesome. but seriously….