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Feb 27, 2011  Kyle
These are some great pictures, as well as a great story. They should share at http://www.thelovequilt.com for everyone to see!
May 07, 2009  Chandra
Where were these taken? The books are such a great background
May 06, 2009  Claude
Such beautiful pictures!
May 03, 2009  Danielle
Such rich colors! The reds are stunning – and they look so in love
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Apr 29, 2009  Marianne
These are great! Congrats again.
Apr 29, 2009  daniel lateulade
love the mustaches! awesome crazy neon colors going on — great work!
Apr 29, 2009  randy
these images are beautiful. love the colors.
Apr 29, 2009  matt
super cute!
Apr 29, 2009  Matt & Peggy
They are simply beautiful! You guys are so unbelievably talented
Apr 29, 2009  Joan Price
The pictures are beautiful. The couple look so in love. The angles in each shot are so interestiong and lovely.
Apr 28, 2009  Gabrielle
Gorgeous images. I love the way you light your photos. so beautiful and surreal. x from http://summerpicniwedding.blogspot.com/