Jun 26, 2009  Nathan Walker
D R E A M Y!! the tones are out of this world!!
May 07, 2009  captphrank
Such a Gorgeous Couple. Meg and Chad were born for each other. These pics prove me right. I wish the best for them on this Journey together…capt.
May 02, 2009  Cousin Kathy
Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple. I love the swing shot, but they all are really great. Wishing you both the best of everything.
May 01, 2009  erin burney
this is a truly amazing couple! meg baby….these turned out awesome! i miss you girl! good luck with all the planning….cant wait to see all the pics from the wedding!
Apr 28, 2009  Kristen
OMG! These pics are amazing! congrats to the happy couple!
Apr 27, 2009  Andrew
I love the sound of them. If the world sung their song, it’d be a much better place 🙂
Apr 27, 2009  marianna
I love the whimsical old fashion feel these have! You guys are a gorgeous couple : )
Apr 27, 2009  matthew morgan
oh my moodiness! loving the tone consistency. 1st shot is epic. solid shoot.
Apr 27, 2009  theflashdance.com
always stunning!
Apr 26, 2009  mary
best wishes to you both. your look amazing together. cousin mary
Apr 26, 2009  steph
I love EVERY one!! you guys did a great job. i love you meg and chad!
Apr 26, 2009  caroline
That picture with the sun between them is just like the best scene from the movie Pride and Prejudice!! Awesome!
Apr 26, 2009  Becky
Beautiful and romatically sentimental shots!!
Apr 25, 2009  Pam
What beautiful shots Suzan. I have shots to share. Scott and Kelli were married today. It was a very sweet and beautiful wedding. Can’t wait for yours Meggie. You and Chad are such a sweet couple. Like my Scott and his lovely new bride.
Apr 25, 2009  Suzan
Bravo to Whitney & Jesse "Our Labor of Love"….You did a great job photographing the kids….. We both Love your unique style and looking forward to your wedding images as well. All the best, Danny & Susan Kirsic
Apr 25, 2009  Ben Rowland
Great shots. They look like they’re straight out of a magazine. Congrats to you both!
Apr 25, 2009  Ann and Anson Magee
Hi Megs,your engagement pictures of you and Chad really look brilliant,i love the one of you on the swing with that beautiful sky and the way the tree melds into it and the one with you both in the field together and then you running through the grass.They are gorgeous and original……but then your mum is an excellent photographer so they would be wouldn’t they. You are going to be a brilliant bride and you both make a handsome couple and you can see the lovelight in your eyes. When your married……..never go to sleep on an argument…..that’s what my gran told me………lots of love to you from us all here,jodi sends you both whisker kisses too.Ann,Anson and family xxxxxxxxxx
Apr 25, 2009  Jeannie & Matt Silvester
Fabulous! We wish for you a lifetime of good health, lots of love, hugs and kisses. You make the perfect couple! We love the pics they are very special. We look forward to the wedding.
Apr 25, 2009  Jan
Hello Suzan. Pictures are as lovely as Meg is.! Not to speak about Chad, haha Really a lovely couple. I wish them a very happy life together. Yeah.. Your little girl is growing up. sniff. Best regards from Jan
Apr 25, 2009  Victor Habbick
What a beautiful couple, all the best to you both and may your life together be as outstanding as the photos. Victor (scottish nutter and friend of Suzan)
Apr 25, 2009  Glynn May
Wonderful 1970’s colour cast to the outdoors shots, quite inspiring. The wedding shots are very good and some very original. Congratulations both of you. Regards Glynn (United Kingdom)
Apr 24, 2009  matt
Apr 24, 2009  susan driscoll
Wonderful photos!
Apr 24, 2009  Rachel
These are amazing!!! Congrats to the happy couple!
Apr 24, 2009  Susan Correa
What beautiful pictures..so original and "fun" …congrats to both of you! From your Moms friend, Susan
Apr 24, 2009  Marla
OMG I love all the pics. It is almost spooky Meg looks so much like you Sue. Love you all xoxoxoxo
Apr 24, 2009  diane and mike
I luv the pictures..they are gr8 really nice job Susan… Congrats to Meg and Chad Best of luck to you guys…huzz@ya
Apr 24, 2009  Beth
Wow! Amazing…The photos feel like I’m looking at a dream…A very good one at that!
Apr 24, 2009  Susan
Photography at its best, you truly are Soul Mates…. Sending you both Lots of Luv and Kisses….. Mommy xoxoxo "Love is the enchanted dawn of every heart." –Alphonse Marie de la Martine
Apr 24, 2009  Daniel Lateulade
Ask Meg & Chad if it’s weird that I want a monster print of the first image on our living room wall 😉 Really amazing stuff!
Apr 24, 2009  Brent
Awesome Pictures, congrats.
Apr 24, 2009  Junior
super nice..love the classic picture look
Apr 24, 2009  Renee Randolph
Very nice, Pics are wonderful:-) Good luck too you MEG!
Apr 24, 2009  Sean T
these are amazing!!!
Apr 24, 2009  BillieJo
wow these turned out amazing!! i love the close up of you guys looking at each other.. congrats!!
Apr 24, 2009  amanda
Holly cow…these are beautiful, Meg! Congratulations again! Weddings are always fun 🙂
Apr 24, 2009  phil
great shots! congrats!
Apr 24, 2009  Diane
Congratulations Meg, you guys look like so content, like you are just made for each other
Apr 24, 2009  JP
You guys look great together. Congrats no the engagement!!
Apr 24, 2009  adam atkins
Very cute Meg!! Congrats and hope all is well!
Apr 24, 2009  Laura Freel
beautiful Meg! Congratulations!
Apr 24, 2009  Teresa Baratz
You guys are the cutest couple. These look amazing.
Apr 24, 2009  lannhi
these pictures are gorgeous!
Apr 24, 2009  Simon
beautiful shots!
Apr 24, 2009  April
You don’t look cold at all! You WILL be a good bride. 😉 I love the dress! Oh, and congratulations!
Apr 24, 2009  Teresa
i like the one of chad kissing her forehead. very sweet.
Apr 24, 2009  tammy
wow!!! I saw a few of them from when Meg was putting together her save the date, but the more i see, the more i love them! can’t wait till i can make her show me the rest!!! 😀
Apr 24, 2009  ltd.
those gradients are hot. awesome stuff.