Apr 29, 2009  Beci
I remember this wedding like it was yesterday! It was so fantastic to work with you both…these photos are amazing! The mini bride still makes me smile :0) x
Apr 24, 2009  anne lord
Awesome! Congrats, you totally deserve it. Look how cute these photos are!
Apr 22, 2009  jesse
Congratulations! But not the least bit surprising!
Apr 21, 2009  matt
you guys are badasses!
Apr 21, 2009  MA
Apr 20, 2009  Peggy & Matt
Congrats on the Top Knots award! It is very well earned! I love the portrait with the green apples.
Apr 20, 2009  Daniel Lateulade
Awesome job guys! I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and your images are great — you totally deserve it.
Apr 20, 2009  papa
Congrats bravo and all the cudos in the world. I love you and your creative. xoxoxo
Apr 18, 2009  shelli
best photos in the PDN issue, hands down. i love being a part of this.
Apr 17, 2009  Sarah Wilks
EEEEeee! So cool. Congratulations! I still wake up each day and wonder about what magic took place that day to make us look so lovely – and then I remember – it’s you and Whit – MAGIC!
Apr 16, 2009  cristen chester
yippee for OLOL!!! the images from this wedding are some of my faves from you ever.
Apr 16, 2009  greta
yayyyy! you guys are the bomb!
Apr 16, 2009  leisureforte.com
congrats, beautiful work!
Apr 16, 2009  jessM
HECK YEA!!!! Congrats!
Apr 16, 2009  chupee
Apr 16, 2009  James Moes
Congrats! By far some of the most compelling/interesting imagery of the Top Knots contest.
Apr 16, 2009  ali & evan
Congrats, Loves! So nice to see you cresting your wave. XO