Sep 18, 2008  kate
wow – i am so happy i found your site. your blog is my new favorite!!
Sep 16, 2008  millie holloman
This wedding rocks and I am going to make sure the world sees it because I totally just wrote about it being the coolest wedding ever for a feature I did. You guys rocked it, the colors and graphic design the bride used is amazing. Ya’ll did a kickin’ job. Keep it up!
Sep 15, 2008  johny
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Sep 15, 2008  erin Ashford
in the field photos it looks like sarah has wings and she going to sail over you with her new husband.
Sep 15, 2008  Jeff
I really enjoy the "Jump" photos on the trampoline as well as the forced perspective ones. They are really fun!
Sep 14, 2008  kendrick
oh my goodness! that photo of him holding his thumbalina teenie bride is brilliant. i love it. beautiful as always. y’all are my idols.
Sep 11, 2008  Melissa Smitten
These photos are the best! I love the personality caught, the unexpected poses. I think I would like Sarah and Richard to become my new best friends! Great work!
Sep 09, 2008  Blair Van Bussel
WOW….seriously…wow. I cant get over most of these shots. They are amazing!!! Very creative stuff.I just found your blog and am now subscribed and am not going any where!
Sep 08, 2008  Rachel @ Southern Weddings
This wedding rocks my socks off! Yellow is such a nice accent color. I love your vision and finishing work.
Sep 08, 2008  Meg
I love all of your weddings, always, but ohhhh I love the style and simplicity and joy of this one. Your pictures = BLISS.
Sep 08, 2008  Khara Plicanic
Absolutely brilliant. ‘Nough said! 🙂
Sep 08, 2008  Wendy and Paul Allen
Sarah and Richard. These photos are truly superb and capture all the joy, fun, laughter and happiness on the day. It was a truly wonderful experience being part of the wedding – we both enjoyed it so much. How great to meet all your family and friends. What a job to choose a few for your album!!!!!
Sep 08, 2008  Heather-OneLovePhoto
Your work is so FRESH and so FUN! You can see your connection with your clients. I love all of these, they make me happy. They make me want to shoot a wedding in england. The tiny bride made me laugh out loud.—-you are always coming up with new stuff-so, so ,so very REFRESHING!
Sep 07, 2008  Emily@oncewed
AMAZING! What a fun couple! Love the "mini bride" shot!
Sep 07, 2008  greta
looove it
Sep 06, 2008  cristen chester
FANFREAKINTASTIC!!! wow, what a phenomenal set of photos! seriously, hands down my new OLOL favorite wedding! we know how much fun you had at this wedding and the images tell it all! sarah, you look so stunning and i love the yellow shoes…almost did not recognize you out of your belly general store get-up : ) we wish you + richard the loveliest life together!
Sep 06, 2008  Lara @ Southern Weddings
Brilliant! Absolutely stunning as always. Your work is so full of fun and surprises. Such a fantastic wedding!
Sep 06, 2008  sallyfox
be-yut-i-ful! it’s always wonderful to see two people who love each other so much…thanks for letting us be a part of it…i especially love the "mini" bride pic! — and great to meet you jesse and whitney; hope to see you again in the ATL
Sep 06, 2008  Collete
These pics are beautiful pieces of art. I feel like I was right there with you! The laughter, love and happiness are captured perfectly. Well done!
Sep 06, 2008  Kirstin @ Bliss Event Group
Love the photographs! Very creative.
Sep 06, 2008  Megan Lay
Sarah, Thoses pictures are AMAZING! I love them!!!!! I really liked the pic with what looked like a 2-4 of Canadian! Love it! Who did your photography?
Sep 06, 2008  jess
i am floored. i just can’t get over these.
Sep 06, 2008  Richard (aka Mr. Wilks)
Love the photos – thoroughly enjoyed every moment spent with you guys – especially Whitney’s dancin’ – awesome is the only word that describes it. The ring was designed and made by one of my best friends, Bob Simpson – we’re trying to convince him to go into the ring business…Thanks again!
Sep 06, 2008  Sarah (ahem, Mrs. Wilks)
1. This is SO awesome to be up here – I feel like we’re part of the cool-kids club, or something! 2. The photographs are AMAZING – I’ve been trying to pick the one I like best so I can talk about all the things I love about it, but I’ve tried and I can’t choose! They are all so lovely 3. The whole day (and days leading up to it) was made better by your presence. Orders for suspenders (or braces, over here) have gone up immensely, Whit, and every time I see the alpacas I think of you running (albeit gracefully) away from one of them, Jesse! 4. I kind of want to do it all over again – it was that great. So anytime you guys want to come over – you’re more than welcome!!
Sep 05, 2008  Kim
I can’t fully express how much I love these whimsical, happy, joyful photographs. wow.
Sep 05, 2008  ali&evan
These shots are so stunning, Loves. What a beautiful wedding and once again you’ve proved to be the perfect couple to capture it.