Mar 23, 2010  The Wedding Contessa
The photos say it all! Beautiful bride handsome groom, beautiful wedding! Courage kudos to the bride for not letting a cast ruin her special day! Happy Wedding!
Jul 03, 2008  Nash
This wedding reflects colors I only thought could be obtained through film. Miss you guys. can’t wait for the loves love favorites.
Jul 01, 2008  Jenny J from PhotoJJ
adorable! the black and white checkered floor – so great.
Jun 30, 2008  kristin @ the fairmount bride
Wow! What a magnificent wedding!
Jun 29, 2008  Liene at Blue Orchid Designs
LOVE the way they handled the minor setback of the cast. You can totally sense the love and joy in these photos. Great job!
Jun 29, 2008  Lara @ SWS
Completely floored here. This wedding is ridiculously amazing. The guests must have been so excited to be there and witness this. Fabulous images, as always!
Jun 28, 2008  Broderick from foto 404
What a gorgeous wedding, your photos are amazing as always. I absolutely love the b&w shot of the groom above "the meeting" and the color shot of the bride and the men’s shoes. Y’all have incredible style
Jun 27, 2008  Jennifer G
These are wonderful! How beautiful the two of you are…
Jun 27, 2008  sara from whitebox
i love this wedding! you guys did an amazing job capturing the details. the portraits are gorgeous! i love the wide angle of the bride and groom with the wedding party behind them.
Jun 27, 2008  Jessica Miller
Hey they have Cornhole! (the beanbag game) I thought that was just an Ohio thing.
Jun 26, 2008  Kara
These are amazing! The hardest part will be which to get framed!
Jun 26, 2008  Sarah Allen
Matt, I am so incredibly happy for you! Ashley is gorgeous, and I can tell you two are really happy. I hope that I will get a chance to meet her one day. Miss and love you! Sarah
Jun 26, 2008  Adrianne
They have inspired me!!! Everything about their wedding (even the cast) looked great!!! Your photography is unbelievable!!! I just love your work!!!!
Jun 26, 2008  cristen chester
welcome back to blog world jess + whit! what an awesome wedding, cast and all! great details and those invites are very cool! love the portrait of them under the paper lanterns, i can feel their expressions.
Jun 26, 2008  Matt
Wish we could do it all over again! Thanks for being the raddest photographers in the world.
Jun 26, 2008  AShley Ann
What a good looking group of peeps! Whit + Jess – you guys rock and captured all the happy moments. I wish we could hire you as personal photographers to document our whole life! 🙂 Love you!!!!
Jun 26, 2008  Judy and Bill Dailey
Absolutely fantastic! We are so happy these two found each other……..the love between them is so apparent in every shot. Our family is truly blessed:)