Jenny: I love that you are so beautifully capturing these very important parts of a child’s life. And I would be thrilled to have a photo of myself like the image of Rachel and her son! Mommy=play structure…so true! (01.25.11, 08:32pm)
nkp: This is just SO wierd…I followed this link from Kirtsy and as I’m scrolling through this awesomeness, I keep thinking this is so familiar, this looks like the Seed Factory, and it IS, surprise, surprise!!! I have to go and read the rest of your amazing blog now and figure out who you are and what you do because this project is shear GENIUS!!! (01.25.09, 05:48pm)
jac: you guys are so super talented its ridiculous!!! (01.15.09, 08:10pm)
evan and ali: Great project. Mine was Bun Bun. Once got left behind at an Arizona hotel and my parents had to have it shipped back home to Portland so I didn’t go crazy. (01.15.09, 09:18am)
chatti: meow! too cool for school! hehe! loving it! (01.13.09, 11:27pm)
flights of fancy: These photos are too precious for words! Great job as usual guys! (01.13.09, 04:57pm)
meredith: LOVE the Lovies!!!! What great pictures and what a great idea!! (07.02.08, 11:39am)
charles handler: rat rules everyone else drools (02.14.08, 01:26am)
no shame : hey Mandy!!! That’s a rat. (02.12.08, 11:42pm)
Erin: ah! worn out and soft like the 20 year old strawberry shortcake pillow case and bed set I can’t get rid of. l heart lovies and your stupendous photos! (02.12.08, 05:41pm)
monkeigh 5000: i like the little mouse….. (02.12.08, 01:49pm)
cristen chester: love the photos! love sprout! love rachel’s new sassy hair cut! (02.09.08, 09:51pm)
noshame: Holy guacomole!! I love these! (02.08.08, 10:48pm)
Matthew: Holly cake theses images are truly inspiring (02.08.08, 03:28pm)
comment Luver: i think i just died of cute overload!!!!! (02.08.08, 03:04pm)
sarah: you give new dimension to the notion of "lovies." kudos to you and to rachel baba for a phenomenal idea and spectacular execution. xoxo (02.08.08, 11:11am)