san diego baby photographer: really love the one below the pabst pic…and the one below that too! i love finding "studios" in the most random places.. (07.29.11, 04:36am)
tscufwryll: Gv3Ual lcznsvauabgc, [url=]uputjagufbid[/url], [link=]gzmkrwezddwp[/link], (07.05.11, 01:07am)
Cloud: i loved the theme….colors and vintage look. where is this? (02.09.09, 03:46pm)
monkeigh 5000: A) estoria is in cabbagetown B) these pics totally made me cry!!! no lie, so pretty (03.28.08, 09:24am)
Aunt Dianne a/k/a Aunt Fluffy: Such precious pictures full of love for one another! I really felt good viewing them. A very exciting and special time for all and we love you both!! (03.17.08, 08:52am)
Matt: Reynoldstown? We represent Cabbagetown and none other! What’s left of it at least. (03.15.08, 10:27pm)
michael: Brilliant photography!!! (02.04.08, 01:00pm)
Dad Salge: Beautfil pix, guys. Can’t wait for the big day! (02.03.08, 10:34am)
Jesse the blogger: We didn’t do it so maybe it was Bill Gates?!? (02.02.08, 05:24pm)
Ashley Ann: Bill Gates? Is that you Whitney? 🙂 (02.02.08, 08:14am)
bill gates : ): hoooooooooray for lovebirds (02.01.08, 05:05pm)
Courtney: Gorgeous pics. Congratulations — you look so happy! (02.01.08, 01:39pm)
TeMika: I love those pictures and I think ya’ll look so cute! They really capture your personalities too! Lovely! (02.01.08, 10:07am)
cousin Brent: Yes, the "Jump for Joy" shot was inspired! You guys ROCK! 🙂 (02.01.08, 08:38am)
Uncle Jack and Aunt Valerie: We agree! The jump for joy shot is GREAT! (02.01.08, 08:03am)
Steve: Like I told Shawn last night, rooftop jumping for joy shot is my fav. Great shots all around. (01.31.08, 08:36pm)
Cousin Lexy: This looks like a magazine layout. My boys and I love the jumpin for joy shot!! Many congrats! (01.31.08, 12:45pm)
elizabeth: gorgeous. (01.31.08, 09:42am)
Aunt Chris and Uncle Tom: Loved the jumping for joy shot! Their happiness is so evident; can’t wait to see them at the wedding! (01.31.08, 08:26am)
JuJu: Absolutely wonderful! Talk about sparks flying………love is in the air:) Can’t wait to see the rest. (01.31.08, 05:35am)
Dada: Love the pix, guys. Can’t wait for the big day, the photo booth, etc. (01.30.08, 07:55pm)
Derek & G: We love the jump for joy! You too are too cute in all the pics. Great idea. See ya soon….. (01.30.08, 07:13pm)
Leanna: I think it’s safe to say that I have the most beautiful brother/sister-in-law combo in all of Georgia! The pictures are amazing! (01.30.08, 11:43am)
Cassie: I love these pictures…you guys look so great!! Can’t wait to see the final result on the invitation. (01.30.08, 10:55am)
Teresa: Love the first pix most. The locations are great and it looks like you had fun. I hear wedding bells.. love you both! Bama Mom (01.30.08, 09:15am)
Matt: You guys are rad! My fiancee – ain’t she photogenic?! (01.30.08, 09:08am)
Ashley Ann: We are too cute. 🙂 Modest much, Ashley? We are looking forward to spending more time with you guys at the wedding. You did an amazing job, of course! (01.30.08, 07:57am)
Kelly Byrom : oh krog tunnel i love you. its also good to see the evil kneival tribute has been put back up, it was knocked down for a few days. i cant wait to see the inivite…as usual you guys rock and these are really rad (01.29.08, 10:42pm)