happy hearts | san diego baby photography: that last one is awesome! (07.30.11, 04:11pm)
Rebekah: I heart the umbrella shot…they are all gorgeous but this one is incredible in its tiny details! (06.30.11, 09:19am)
Another Wedding Photographer: Love the processing. Always failed to get similar results but working hard on studying all you top 10 guys.. (05.19.11, 08:12am)
Rog: Mercedes done right. Mine doesn’t look like that even in my dreams. Time to dream bigger. (05.05.11, 02:31pm)
cara @ lillian and leonard: I love these, especially the one of her laughing in the back of the car, so genuine and joyous. (05.05.11, 03:08am)
Shahriar1824: It’s look so much cute. I Love this. Anchor Text: lee croucher URL: http://www.leecroucher.co.uk/2011/04/internet-world-2011-lee-croucher.html (05.01.11, 01:49pm)
Laura Widness: Great stuff!! Keep it up 🙂 (04.30.11, 02:17am)
leo martin : that love is true, then say there is no love I have with my wife and married seven years and I get up every day as if it were the first because I love my wife with all my enthusiasm. I wish you much happiness. love living in full color jejeje read greetings martin (04.22.11, 04:50pm)
sheli: i think these look gorgeous. (04.20.11, 10:08pm)
Undfind: Love the photos, it has a nice vintage feel to it. Keep it up! (04.20.11, 04:37pm)