Another Wedding Photographer: 🙂 very fun shots. (05.19.11, 08:14am)
Crabapple Photography: I officially want to quit my own business and work here. (01.29.11, 08:59am)
Jonathan Ivy: love this! funny people! (01.24.11, 04:49pm)
Melanie: you guys are so much fun! (01.20.11, 05:25pm)
Anita Robicheau: REALLY great shots! Inspiring 🙂 (01.06.11, 12:04am)
dani kreeft: haha. how creative and rad and spontaneous are these photos. well done team, well done. xo. (12.28.10, 08:44pm)
Janna: LOVE this video! HAPPY NEW YEAR OLOL! (12.28.10, 03:20pm)
michael&anne: outstanding…you guys are the best…merry christmas & happy holidays from all of us! michael, anne, madeleine & cate (12.23.10, 04:37pm)
theflashdance: love it! wish i could have been there for that party! (12.23.10, 04:05pm)
monkeigh3000: mama! I love the holiday cheer mama! and i have that same sweater! SOUL SISTERS!!! (12.23.10, 03:30pm)
sooji: we love you all. merry christmas OLOL family! 🙂 (12.23.10, 01:25pm)
roroma: any video which features a purple- ribbon-ensconced croissant deserves greatest kudos. (12.23.10, 12:14pm)
Kendrick: AWW! YAAAY (12.23.10, 11:50am)
amber: i work with the most amazing people! this is awesome! (12.23.10, 11:44am)
kathleen: merry christmas to y’all too! OLOL is the best best best. (12.23.10, 11:22am)
matt miller: i LOVE everything about this! (12.23.10, 11:05am)