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Lin and Jirsa Photography: Love that you guys are so playful, with great work as always! (09.29.10, 07:19pm)
Antony Hands: Love the animated images – I NEED to work out how to do that! (09.08.10, 07:37am)
ASP.Net Development: Ha ha funny pics 🙂 (09.08.10, 01:17am)
Marie Marie: This pictures look like so much fun! Happy late birthday to you! (09.06.10, 07:30pm)
Lizzie [Ten Thou Bride]: YOU guys are AWESOME. (09.05.10, 11:10pm)
Rich Park: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! smilebooth for birthdays = amazing! (09.04.10, 06:28pm)
Sarah Gaylor: AH! This is SO much fun 🙂 I am friends with Jessica Miller- she told me I would love your work. I do!! (09.01.10, 10:22am)
amber: awww you guys are the best 🙂 (08.28.10, 08:44am)
Hi-Fi Weddings: YAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! matt, totally diggin’ those balloon tits! (08.27.10, 08:49pm)
ashley: happy birthday!!! hope you guys had fun, i did 🙂 (08.27.10, 08:25pm)