ASP.Net Development: Very very nice slideshow….Good job 🙂 (09.08.10, 01:43am)
billiards: Love is unique (07.26.10, 02:39am)
Christina Brosnan: Awesome! Best Bat Mitzvah ever! (07.18.10, 03:36am)
Ricki Ford: i just ran across your blog love your style! (07.16.10, 11:48am)
Photographick: Love how unique and personal your images are, they truly capture the moment and the couple. Great job, love the angles. (07.15.10, 02:27pm)
Lucy: This is absolutely one of the neatest videos I have ever seen. The photos are incredible! I can’t stop watching it! (07.15.10, 12:42am)
beth: love love these (07.14.10, 12:18pm)
Stephanie: Simply adorable photo shoot! (07.13.10, 02:58pm)
Joseph Richardson: Excellent work! (07.13.10, 12:41pm)
kathleen: this looks like it was super fun to shoot 🙂 (07.12.10, 11:49am)
teaworthy: These are so dear. love. (07.08.10, 02:49pm)
Kristin: That photo of the candy on the floor and her sandal-ed feet in the top left is so incredibly beautiful. You have such lovely and unique perspective in all your photos. (07.08.10, 01:17pm)
mrs. johnson: this just made me happy for the whole week. what a cute young lady…and btw, her mom’s dress called. it wants to come live with me. 😉 (07.08.10, 12:51pm)
Allison: Beautiful work! Looks like they had a blast. You captured the moments so well. (07.08.10, 09:30am)
alina landry: What a beautiful event. Who is the band playing in the slideshow? (07.08.10, 09:21am)
amber: wow. everything about this is a-mazing. i love the slideshow 🙂 (07.07.10, 03:30pm)
susan: Holy smokes!! The one with her mom’s hands on her face. soooo sweet! (07.07.10, 01:24pm)