kerilyn: Some of us keep our lovies forever..(we’re really glad our mom didn’t make us get rid of it) here’s mindy the mouse.. (07.19.10, 03:50pm)

Jeanette: Your best lovies yet! Works of art. (04.15.10, 09:34pm)

Rachel B.: Seriously cute images! I would love to have you photograph my boy and his lovey- but I live in Illinois. So I’ll just have to try and chase him down myself! (04.09.10, 02:42pm)

Miranda: I love this idea – I am going to take pictures of my daughters with their blankies that they love so much! (04.06.10, 04:23pm)

Nicole: These are so precious! What a great way to capture that time in a child’s life. 🙂 (04.05.10, 12:54am)

katy gray: Fantastic idea and wonderful wonderful images! Count me as another that had a lovie until I was *ahem* in college. I actually STILL have it, it’s just packed away somewhere now. Totally love these. (04.02.10, 01:54pm)

Sam: This is WONDERFUL. I think it is a fantastic idea. I am in my mid-twenties, and my lovie still is very important to me– bald spots and flattened stuffing and all. Some of my favorite pictures of when I’m small are of us together 🙂 (03.31.10, 09:00pm)

laura: i’m way too old to admit that i have a dearly cherished lovey, but i do!! wish i had a photo of when i was a wee one with my lovey. and these kid photos are my favorites i’ve ever seen. ever. well done, guys!! (03.29.10, 02:48pm)

shyla: These are quite possibly the most adorable photos I’ve seen in my life. (03.25.10, 02:23pm)

Micah Cordes: wow, looks like a fun session! (03.25.10, 09:53am)

Heather: Oh my! So stinking ADORABLE! What a wonderful idea. I still have my ratty lovie in the closet. It is so nasty looking but I can’t toss it. What a great memory for these parents and children. Total sweetness. (03.24.10, 03:26am)

eva: great photos! what kind of illumination do you use so there are virtually no shadows on the wall? (03.23.10, 10:39am)

James: Adorable. (03.22.10, 01:48pm)

ArtgrlB: I love love love this project that you guys do every year! Truly some of your best work. Next year in a natural setting perhaps? I love when you guys shoot outside… (03.22.10, 09:16am)

Dognbird: This is the best thing I’ve seen all day!! Amazing work, cute kids! (03.21.10, 09:17pm)

Punctuation Mark: Those kids are adorable. have a nice week! (03.21.10, 08:04pm)

matt miller: these arent helping with the serious case of baby fever going on at my house!! too cute! (03.20.10, 05:49pm)

Jess: Your kid pictures are always my favorite! (03.20.10, 06:18am)

Lara: Oh these are precious. Much love to you and Whit. Miss you guys already. (03.19.10, 09:44pm)