Dong: Always the last one! Happy Bday dog! Is this photo a Diana with an instant back? (06.13.09, 11:34pm)
theflashdance: eat too much cake drink a ton of coffee and bug the hell out of people! love -MA (06.08.09, 01:27am)
David Walter Banks: I’m 45 minutes late, but much love on your b-day Whit (06.07.09, 11:46pm)
Chupee: Hope you had a fun Birthday!!!! lots of love xoox (06.07.09, 10:04pm)
shana & rob: happy b-day whitney — you don’t look a day over 34. amazing! (06.07.09, 09:31pm)
ali & evan: Happy Birthday, Sir. Now go enjoy your evening spent amongst those that love you. Sending you big hugs from the LEFT Coast. (06.07.09, 04:27pm)
the chesters: happiest birthday wishes to you, whit!!! we can’t wait to celebrate with you tonight! xoxoxo (06.07.09, 11:48am)
Broderick: Happy b-day Whit!! (06.07.09, 11:00am)
Lara: Happy Birthday Whit!!! Wishing you the greatest birthday ever– you so deserve it my friend! (06.07.09, 10:35am)
Matt & Peggy: Happy Birthday! (06.07.09, 10:29am)
amber: i love it! i hope you have an awesome birthday whit and have fun at bon iver, without me. (06.07.09, 09:59am)