magazine printing: i would love a wedding like yours. conglatulations!!!such an amazing day… (05.28.09, 09:28am)
William Haar… Grammar Police: A great weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Your photos are beautiful! Bummer you guys can’t shoot my brother’s wedding. (05.22.09, 09:56pm)
chupee: very interesting!!!!! (05.22.09, 09:44pm)
monk: omg. i am scared, and pee peeed. (05.22.09, 09:19pm)
cristen chester: fascinatingly odd is right! wow, maybe this is what baby #2 will look like (if and when) or what gracyn would look like if his eyes changed from blue to brown. (05.22.09, 08:30pm)
jesse: thanks, will. what would i do without you? (05.22.09, 05:56pm)
William Haar… Grammar Police: Would it be silly of me to point out that the title of this post should be "A portrait by daymon gardner of whitney and me…" rather than "A portrait by daymon gardner of whitney and i…"? (05.22.09, 04:44pm)
jesse: thats funny. well i guess we’ll just have to print this out for gracyn and drop it in his baby book. i really can’t wait to get you all a link to the rest of the images. in context with the others…it’s just fascinatingly odd. (05.22.09, 04:17pm)
linda gayle : Ali & Evan …no no no gracyn does not look like this he has the best part of his parents, this photo is a bit Frankenstein..Do not get me wrong this photo is art but gracyn is a masterpiece (05.22.09, 02:51pm)
ryan: i live in destin!!! how was your visit? i hope you were not here the week the weather was terrible. i love your stuff by the way. if you guys come to destin again look us up we would love to meet you guys! (05.22.09, 09:39am)
shana: i am both frightened and fascinated. i want more. (05.22.09, 09:25am)
pappa : That is pretty wierd how does he do it? (05.22.09, 08:53am)
Riz: Holy creep! (05.21.09, 11:55pm)
theflashdance: I’ll second the scared part. (05.21.09, 11:42pm)
ali & evan: Gracyn? (05.21.09, 11:41pm)
Shelley: This scared me. (05.21.09, 11:10pm)