clever status: I am enchanted to understand writing this piece of writing…thank you for philanthropic us this functional in sequence. (05.14.12, 02:33am)
mothers day wishes: I was spool down the most recent picture rolled greater than to a woman on a mountain bike. (05.10.12, 06:42am)
LeAnne: These are so cute and playful… I love it! Funny thing; as I was scrolling down the last picture rolled over to a woman on a bike and I was like “what the heck is she doing on a bike pregnant?” and then I realized that was someone else’s engagement photo’s. (05.11.09, 12:37pm)
Navy Sou: Adorable!!! (05.11.09, 11:49am)
kathleen: That last picture is AWESOME. (05.10.09, 10:11pm)
Rebecca: We LOVE them!! We can’t wait to see more – this was the perfect Mother’s Day gift 🙂 (05.10.09, 09:02pm)
monk: so amazingly wonderful…perfect post for today! (05.10.09, 05:12pm)
Dagrun: I now have visited your sight for the first time, and you take beautiful photos. I’ll be back;) (05.10.09, 04:37pm)