Mary: heck yes! i gotsa biiiiigggggg peeeeeeeeetcha!!! (paul sutej spelling!) (05.13.09, 06:25pm)
Broderick: Wow. Just, wow 🙂 Looks like everyone had a great time to say the least! (05.06.09, 09:13pm)
Anthony: may have to have a chat with Franziska as regards the in-laws!! (05.05.09, 01:21am)
Lachlan (the groom): FYI, Christopher is the guy in the blue underwear. (04.28.09, 01:58pm)
Christopher Stuart Day: BEST WEDDING EVA!!!!!!! (04.27.09, 03:23pm)
matt: WTF. these guys know how to party! (04.24.09, 11:30pm)
randy: holy cow i wish i was there… (04.24.09, 10:16am)