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AmyPunky Photography (Emilie): red+green = LOVE it!!!! (12.28.09, 04:18pm)
Ewan – Last Forty Percent: The top two photos are my favourites. I love the feeling of your work. (04.23.09, 08:03pm)
MariaP: What beautiful and natural shots. This are just amazing! (04.23.09, 10:05am)
matt: wooohoo. if the wedding photos come out even half as nice as these look, they will be in for a real treat. kudos guys!!! (04.17.09, 09:24am)
Mickey Lynn: WOW!!! What a gorgeous couple, crazy in love…these photos are absolutely STUNNING! (04.15.09, 09:59pm)
Emily: amazing! i can’t pick a favorite. they are all beautiful!! (04.15.09, 09:36pm)
Kayla: These are gorgeous! So earthy and natural! (04.15.09, 07:53pm)
Dawn: Gorgeous color contrast. The couple looks so amazingly in love. Great shots! (04.15.09, 04:25pm)
Jesse: As always, gorgeous and her dress is really perfect. I love the first shot especially… (04.15.09, 03:12pm)
Deann B.: What a great session! That red really pops and Jacqui & Lacklan look like they are having so much fun. I especially love that top left-hand image… super creative, fellas. (04.15.09, 12:28pm)