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Jenna: Love the shot of mom playing with her toes. Great perspective! (04.05.09, 02:21pm)
Aaron: Awww, she’s a cuty! (04.05.09, 12:19pm)
margaux : WOW. she is soooo cute! i’ll have to ask max to arrange a meeting in person for us too 🙂 (04.01.09, 11:55pm)
cristen chester: oh my, elodie is scrumptious!!! i feel like we know michael + his beautiful girls already from hearing you both refer to them so much in conversations : ) next time we will have to meet the human jukebox when he’s in the ATL. (04.01.09, 04:20pm)
lyyyyyyyyyyy: can we talk about what a gorgeous baby elodie is!!!! sooooo cute!! you guys are the best! and dude u can betroth gracyn and elodie! (03.31.09, 09:46am)
Marie: Makes me want to have a baby! (03.30.09, 10:43pm)
shana: you guyssssss! she’s gorgeous! not that i am the least bit surprised but oh my goodness! am loving the little curl in the front. . . (03.30.09, 08:26pm)
ali&evan: Perhaps it’s just the photos you’ve chosen to share but it looks as if Little Elodie has an acute awareness of the lens. She really finds her light; Tyra Banks would be proud. I love the intimacy of these shots, I really feel that these are collected real moments, captured. (03.30.09, 08:02pm)
jesse: its like Melodie without the "M"… thanks for stopping by! (03.30.09, 07:30pm)
Emily: Such a beautiful family. Elodie is such a sweet name!! (03.30.09, 05:50pm)
Darbi G: What a gorgeous family… and beautiful captures!! 🙂 Can you please do me a favor and say how Elodie is pronounced? I think I love the name, but I might be saying it wrong in my head. 🙂 Is it: el-o-dee or ee-low-dee or something else entirely? 🙂 (03.30.09, 04:33pm)