paul graves: Awesome work, Gives me something to SHOOT for. Love everything…….. (02.27.09, 09:41pm)
cristen chester: love this image! i’m so glad we found you both! xoxo (02.23.09, 02:50am)
nashilicious: Color:RED;scrollbar-Snuggles-Color:clouds;scrollbar-DarkChocolate-Color:marshmellowsPimp love with dartsoflove.comthanks for sharing the love. (02.20.09, 09:44am)
matty: oh you guyyyyyyssss!!! (02.16.09, 09:42am)
greta lagerfeld: okay this is more related to your twitter post up top but that dress is awesome! you should layer it and dress it down- then you can wear it anywhere/anytime… your hubby has such good taste, its not fairr!! (02.15.09, 11:50pm)
sue: i just saw you at wppi (02.15.09, 08:19pm)
jimmy: The hottest wedding duo ever! (02.14.09, 11:06pm)
Jesse Armstrong: Me too. I love you too. (02.14.09, 07:50pm)
shana: back at ya kiids! looking forward to spending the day with you two next month — have a lovely love day! x, s (02.14.09, 12:08pm)
jesse the blogger.: thanks, babe. although that is my hand writing. we are very serious in this photo. it makes me laugh. happy valentines to all our blog readers! (02.14.09, 11:05am)
paul : have a happy day (02.14.09, 09:54am)
ali&evan: oh holy hell is that adorable. we’re so glad you found each other, too. Happy Love Day, Dear Ones. XO (02.13.09, 11:40pm)