Charlotte Wedding Photographer – Cheyenne Schultz: I can’t wait to have a baby just so I can put it in cute outfits like this. 🙂 (02.18.09, 02:41pm)
Aunt Patty: Happy Birthday Katie. You are as beautiful as your little one. You’re a fantastic mother. I never doubted it. Love you. Patty and Mike (02.10.09, 06:06pm)
Tami : What a softy, I cried. They are so beautiful. Who knew the bus would be so handy. Happy Birthday. Talk to you soon (02.10.09, 10:05am)
Tami : What a softy, I cried. They are so beautiful. Who knew the bus would be so handy. Happy Birthday. Talk to you soon (02.10.09, 10:05am)
Aunt Peggy: Happy Birthday How did that happen? 30 years old, seems like yesterday I was buying Barbie Dolls! Love you (02.10.09, 10:02am)
Tara: Happy 30th My Dear Cousin!!! These pictures are beautiful!!! Love & miss you lots!! (02.09.09, 05:19pm)
risa: Happy 30th! Great photos – can’t wait to see you all again soon! (02.09.09, 04:42pm)
Pat and Brian McDonnell: Happy 30th Birthday Katie. We love the pictures. Maia is just beautiful and so happy. Love to you and Rob. We were sad we didn’t make it to PA. to hug all of you over the holidays. Take good care of each other. God Bless you, Pat and Brian (02.09.09, 04:00pm)
Robert: Jess & Whitney, Thanks for the photos – they are awesome! Very talented. It was great seeing you seeing you again. Hope to see you soon. Happy birthday to my love. (02.09.09, 02:22pm)
Julie: Happy Birthday Katie! I’m sending you love and best wishes for continued happiness. Your "family" is precious. xoxox Julie (02.09.09, 10:26am)
Doris Sanner: Katie, Happy 30th birthday. The pixs are wonderful–beautiful Maia, beautiful Mother & handsome Dad. Your Mother is so happy now –she glows. (02.09.09, 09:28am)
kellie: wonderful pics! I especially LOVE the one thru the crack of the car door. Maia is soooo sweet! Happy Birthday, Katie! ox (02.09.09, 08:43am)
Abby: These are the best photos – they really capture the essence of the karlsson family! 🙂 So amazingly beautiful! Forget OLP, Kate has now entered the land of O.L.D.!!! Hahaha – Happy Birthday old lady! I love you! xoxoxo (02.09.09, 08:34am)
Maggie: Absolutely gorgeous! I love the individual ones with Robert & Katie! You are amazingly talented, Jesse!! (02.09.09, 07:55am)
Chupee: Happy Happy Birthday to one of the most sweetest women in the world. What a beautiful family and she is a very lucky little girl to have such great parents. Katie, I Love You!!!! (02.09.09, 07:47am)
Donna (Nana): Jess, Thank you, thank you, thank you….you captured Maia just beeeeeutifully, especially those long toes. As for Katie turning 30…wowsers, Katie talk about OLD! (02.09.09, 07:10am)
Julie Durkin: Katie, Congratulations! You have a beautiful family! No wonder your mother is so happy and proud; Maia is adorable. Have fun…Love, Julie (02.09.09, 06:33am)
Judi Costanzo: Happy Birthday, Kate!! Hard to believe you are 30. Seems like just yesterday that you were all at OLP!! Maia is absolutely precious and thank you Jess for sharing all those beautiful photos!! (02.09.09, 06:08am)
katie: jess & whit!!! thank you dearly for the beautiful pics. i cannot think of a better birthday present. these talented, adorable pictures put an instant smile on my 30 year OLD face. I love you!!!! XOXO (02.09.09, 04:27am)
cristen chester: sweet photos, jess! love the one of maia peeking through the orange car door frames! katie, i do not know you, but HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY! celebrate big! (02.08.09, 11:22pm)