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happy hearts | san diego baby photography: image #2 is very nice…. good processing all around too. (07.30.11, 02:18pm)
Kelly: I love love love the boy sitting next to the window. What a great composition with the reflection- and he looks like a cutie! (02.03.09, 03:27pm)
MeganG: You guys rock! Maddie (and I) had a blast at the shoot! I am in awe and amazed by your talent and was so grateful for your patience with my little "runner"…I can’t wait to see all the pics and to come back for more!!! (01.26.09, 10:45pm)
Annie: Awww! These pictures are awesome as they are adorable! (01.26.09, 02:29pm)
tara: love the little guy in the window. so. dang. cute! (01.26.09, 08:50am)
nkp: Oh my, my heart just skipped a beat, maybe two…really, it did! Precious doesn’t begin to describe this amazing group of buddies! (01.25.09, 05:43pm)
shana: gar! cute. ness. killing. me. cannot. take. so. much. cute! (01.25.09, 09:54am)
evan & ali: Wow. The "His & Hers" shot in the opposing Converse kills me. Adorable. (01.24.09, 09:17pm)
nanci *bubbles: much better than going to an art gallery..you two rock zee world! (01.24.09, 05:49pm)
Deedee Abbott : oh…thank you so much…can’t wait to see more, more, more! (01.24.09, 02:39pm)
michael berzsenyi: these photos bring tears to my eyes! they are wonderful and so very sweet. thank you!! (01.24.09, 02:15pm)
Jess: This may be the cutest post I’ve ever seen 🙂 (01.24.09, 08:24am)
Erin Anderson: These are so adorable! You capture these moments so well! (01.23.09, 11:46pm)
cristen chester: love these!!! so sorry my lovebugs + their lovies could not make it to seed factory for the shoot! we’ll be there for v3.0! have fun in nyc next week, we’ll miss you xoxo (01.23.09, 10:43pm)