Melanie & Jonathan Warren: Great pictures & beautiful smiles! Congrats! (01.17.09, 12:18pm)
Laura Roemer: I can’t wait for the main event! You look flawless in these phtotos! (01.11.09, 05:41pm)
Doris: So happy for both of you. What wonderful pictures and looking forward to all the pre-wedding details. (01.07.09, 06:50am)
Carol Henderson: Sara and David, These are just terrific shots. You both look so happy and wonderful! (01.06.09, 09:23pm)
Christine Roemer: You two look fantastic! I can’t imagine bigger smiles, but they’ll be there on your faces for sure in June 🙂 (01.06.09, 05:27pm)
Aunt Paula: Wonderful pictures you and others will cherish through the years. Happy for both of you! (12.29.08, 10:43am)
Jackie: Wow. These are awesome. You two look beautiful! (12.29.08, 08:47am)
Ron & Carol: You two look so very, very happy you project your glow and smiles across the web, we are smiling like newly engaged folks ourselves right now. We look forward to the wedding and all the beautiful and interesting shots that will be taken there. Love & Hugs, Uncle Ron, Aunt Carol & Corey (12.26.08, 03:25pm)
aunt janet: wow…WOW…these are so natural and so fun. I can feel your joy from so far away!! (12.26.08, 12:49pm)
Shelley: These pics are so great!! (12.23.08, 12:37pm)
Nicola: Oh Sara! You and David look so wonderful together in these! My fave is the third one down- LOVE it! Looks like you had a ball… can’t wait (absolutely can’t wait!) for the wedding! (12.23.08, 09:31am)
cristen chester: i would have to agree with matt…i love that silhouette shot, too! (12.23.08, 02:16am)
mighty mouse: this cute is just unbelievably cute! you guys did a great job! (12.22.08, 05:14pm)
matty: awesome set. love the silhouette! (12.22.08, 03:51pm)
Doreen: The joy of the moment was definitely captured! (12.22.08, 02:51pm)
Lee Deskins: I like the smiles too. That’s my girl. Getting excited about the wedding in less than 6 months! (12.22.08, 02:47pm)