shelli: yeah! these are so great – the colours are really perfect and i like this setting, precarious as it was. obviously the turkey was a little disgruntled at this time of year, missing all his fallen comrades. i had a wild turkey try to fly into my car last year in november in tennessee – i suspect it was a hari kari thing but who knows what that turkey was thinking. tee hee. (11.09.08, 08:18am)
n-cole: u shut it down. bananas! i died like three times. (11.08.08, 02:10am)
Libby, MOB: i am blown away by these photos. The couple is adorable (of course). The photos capture the essence of the couple — their playfulness, laughter, thoughtfulness, and respect for one another. Fantastic. Never seen engagement photos like these. (11.07.08, 08:47pm)
cristen chester: know the spot, remember you telling us the dog + turkey story and well guys… you just rocked this session to smithereens! nice work + totally worth the chase! (11.05.08, 09:00pm)
emily: Hands down, best engagement shots i’ve ever seen. the setting is so unexpected and interesting. the couple, well!, their love exudes. they’re beautiful inside and out and you captured all that! (11.05.08, 07:59pm)
Chris: These are GREAT. I love the photo pair where first Shana is in the foreground and then Rob. The barn door/warehouse is very cool. (11.05.08, 06:40pm)
shana: you guys! we love them! and are so glad that none of us got injured by a wild dog or turkey because then we would have had to go to the hospital instead of frolicking in the grass. . .thank you for making it so easy & fun! (11.05.08, 01:56pm)
cathy: omg- these are the best engagement/wedding photos I have ever seen! I’m totally taking the one in front of the white screen and photoshopping other scenes in!!!! (11.05.08, 01:30pm)