Lois Sowinski: Wow! I loved them! They belong in a fine magazine. Jill & Jared are truly model material, and with your talent as a photogragher, the end result is awesome! (05.24.08, 09:46pm)
Claire: love the texture here! spot on! (05.24.08, 02:46pm)
cristen chester: staying up late and rockin’ the textures looks to be your thing jess! nice one! (05.24.08, 10:06am)
greg: this image is so moody.i love how they are having fun but the image style is moody ,Cool . More please (05.22.08, 07:42am)
Jill H: Oh my God! You guys are AWESOME! This picture rocks! Thank you so much for the fun day!!!! (05.22.08, 06:37am)