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Gran: Looking so good together! Proud of you! (08.06.10, 04:45pm)

Casey: These are beautiful, Matt! Love the last one especially. (08.06.10, 12:39pm)

wendi: AWESOME!!!!! (08.06.10, 11:49am)

debbie: LOVE these..... so great! (08.06.10, 10:10am)

Kristen Ashton: just lovely (08.06.10, 12:02am)

Cassie: I can't thank Matt enough for these photos. An amazing photographer and awesome friend. And thanks to everyone for all the sweet comments! (08.05.10, 03:11pm)

amanda: Such a prefect representation of them... my eyes actually watered a lil. CONGRATS YOU TWO!!! (08.05.10, 01:42pm)

nicole: OMG! I am sooo in love with these two lovebirds and these photos! you guys look soo incredible and i couldn't imagine a better couple! great job mr miller!! xo (08.05.10, 12:40pm)

lydia {ever ours}: totally rad pics, matt! every single one of them! congrats to the couple! (08.05.10, 12:33pm)

kathleen: sweet fancy moses, these are killer pics! That last one is totally amazing, and I love the one of them kissing in front of the car. what a beautiful couple. (08.05.10, 12:30pm)

Michelle : These are absolutely amazing!!Can't wait to see the wedding pics! (08.05.10, 11:21am)

erin nicole brown graf: holy shit, how cute are they! matt, you do amazing work, i can't wait to work together <3 (08.05.10, 11:08am)

Lauren: so dreamy! great work, sir. (08.05.10, 10:50am)

reagan: you're a scouting genius! the last shot is out of this world hot! Great work, boss man. (08.05.10, 10:47am)

christy: Wonderful photos guys. I'm so happy for you guys too. (08.05.10, 10:41am)