"Dillinger": OMG man Congrats! Craaaazynesss! Wow. Ive been out of the loop a while, havent been on SnB in forever... dunno if you still go on there or if you are still collecting at all but I gotta say the photos you are taking are EPIC! so rad matt! and a new baby in the mix!? stoked for you! This little one is going to have a well documented life!!!!! (06.07.11, 04:35am)

Matt: Dude, so many congrats are in order! Any idea what you're having?? Also, I HOOOOPPPEEE your kid is born on halloween. that would be so rad. (05.19.11, 11:26pm)

mckay: congrats!!! that is awesome. :) (05.17.11, 09:25am)

Hi-Fi Weddings: OMG CONGRATSSSSSSSSS!!! (05.16.11, 06:11pm)

ashley: congrats!!!!!!!! i'm so excited for you guys :) :) i can't believe you didn't tell me both times i talked to you today ;) (05.16.11, 02:38pm)

miss alix: congratulations! so very exciting. and a halloween baby, what could be better? (05.16.11, 01:48pm)

christine: congratulations! (05.16.11, 01:23pm)

Kendrick: YAYYYYYY!!!!!!! (05.16.11, 12:52pm)

Nicole: Congratulations! This is the best news ever!!! (05.16.11, 12:49pm)

Jac : yayayayya!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its going to be a beauty!!! (05.16.11, 12:42pm)

danielle: 16 weeks today! we are so happy to tell everyone! oxox (05.16.11, 12:34pm)

Kristin Zinser: yay!! <3 (05.16.11, 12:31pm)